Exploratory Data Analysis with Olympic Medal Winners

This visualization uses three merged datasets to illuminate the correlation between the number of Olympic medals a country has won, their population and GDP. A list of past Olympic medal winners was posted by The Guardian. It provided every Olympic medal won since the games began along with the name of the winning athlete, their country of origin, sport category, medal type and year won. Population data came from the World Bank and GDP data came from the International Monetary Fund. The visualization covers the years 1984-2008 because those years were comprehensively covered in all three datasets. 

The visualization is interactive so you can use the sidebar and graphical elements to filter and explore the data. For example, try to find out which country with a population under 10 million has the most gold medals in 2008. (Hint: It’s Jamaica). Clicking on the image links to the interactive visualization.

Combining Narrative and Interactive Visualization with Jeopardy! Data

I worked on this project  with three classmates at UC Berkeley. We collected data from the game show Jeopardy!’s fan site and used a combination of narrative infographics and interactive visualizations to highlight gender inequalities and risk strategies in the show. A paper and poster for the project were accepted for publication and were presented at the IEEE Visualization Conference. Click on the poster to view the interactive site.